Five ways to spoil your health conscious guests – guilt free (well almost)!

Five ways to spoil your health conscious guests – guilt free (well almost)!

1. Gluten free alternatives

If anyone has tried going gluten-free, you know that cocktail parties and celebratory events where almost everything is served on some variation of cracker or canapé, can pose one of the biggest challenges. By nature, finger foods tend to involve carbs, which tend to contain gluten. But fear not, because no gluten does not have to mean no taste! There are a variety of gluten free finger food options available because it is so easy to ditch the crackers and put together alternatives nibbles such as homemade potato or Parmesan chips, roasted chickpeas, goats cheese balls or stuffed figs.

2. Organic, fresh produce

Using fresh and home grown organic fruit and vegetables has innumerable health benefits, not to mention that the quality and freshness of the produce from your back garden will leave the supermarket alternatives paling by comparison. Organic produce is better for our immune systems, contain more effective antioxidants and isn’t covered in harmful chemical fertilisers. All of this, and I haven’t even mentioned the pride felt when guests are happily tucking into the veggies you planted with your own hands!

3. Ditch the sugar

The ‘no sugar’ movement is the latest trend in healthy eating circles which has resonated with many people of every age. It is highly likely that at least some of your guests are trying to lower their sugar intake, with some even avoiding it altogether. Whether it is a children’s party or an adult function, it is easier than you might think to cater for the low sugar party goers. I have served dishes such as cheese fondue with apples, bacon and potato frittatas, spiced pecans and garlic parmesan popcorn and have never received any complaints – or anything but empty plates – in return!

4. Whole foods

Whole foods are linked to preventing disease and slowing down the ageing process. With this in mind, your guests will be happier and healthier when you produce your edamame guacamole, pineapple salsa, spinach and hummus wraps and whole grain mini pizzas.

5. And finally… choose your tipple carefully!

It goes without saying that all alcoholic drinks are going to bump up your calorie count, however some tipples are less deadly than others. For (almost!) guilt free sipping, try to make more informed choices. For example, a glass of red wine contains less sugar than both white and rosé wines, and has the added benefit of all of those extra anti-oxidants. If your poison is a cocktail, veer away from a creamy and sugary pina colada and instead opt for a refreshing mojito (without the sugar syrup).