Private Party Dinner Options

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Private Party Dinner Options

Eden Catering provides food of exceptional quality and freshness. We pride ourselves on using locally sourced ingredients to craft menus with unique flavours and creative combinations. Whether choosing a buffet, formal meal or combination of both, we are happy to discuss the details of your party, your wishes and wants, and your budget.


Eden Catering - Buffet Party Catering

Eden Catering have the perfect buffet menu for you and one that will suit every party occasion. Our food stations are set up where guests can walk along and either serve themselves or be served each dish. We offer a selection of dishes, both hot and cold, all created to the highest standard and made with the freshest of ingredients. We provide side dishes to compliment each meat or fish dish of your choice. We have an extensive variety of vegetarian dishes, if required. As well as having a great selection of delicious desserts, all made by hand.

We are always happy to craft your buffet menu to your individual and special needs and we guarantee you a delicious food packed with flavour and goodness.


Eden Catering - Formal Party Catering

Treat your guests to a formal sit-down meal. We provide table service with the option for guests to be served individually or collectively as a table with sharing dishes in the centre. Sit back and relax whilst we serve delicious dish after dish to all your friends and family.

Whether you decide you decide on a two-course or six-course meal we ensure excellent service throughout the party. Whether it is a nearly empty glass or an untouched plate, we leave no stone unturned and make sure all your guests needs are met. Our philosophy is simple; always professional, always courteous, always exceed expectations and always smile.